Fiat is an Italian vehicle manufacturing company that was formerly part of Fiat Chrysler automobiles, but has restructured in 2021 and now sells and manufactures vehicles as a subsidiary of Stellantis. Fiat’s roots in this industry date back to 1899, and they have now become the biggest vehicle manufacturing company in Italy. Impressively, Fiat has remained the biggest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and was considered the second largest volume producer in Europe in 2013.

Because of the volume of vehicles that Fiat has been producing, it’s easy to see how mistakes could be made and vehicles are released to the market that aren’t in perfect condition. In fact, certain Fiat models including 2013-20215 Fiat 500 electric cars that were manufactured between March 2013 and March 2015 were recalled because of a defect in the diagnostic trouble code.

This defect caused the car to unexpectedly shift to neutral in some cases. This problem with gear shifting could put you and your passengers at serious risk for a collision, which is why there are lemon law attorneys dedicated to helping people who drive lemons get out of an unsafe situation. If you own a Fiat and believe it could qualify as a lemon, speak with an experienced lemon law attorney to start the process of filing your lemon law claim.