Alfa Romeo is a vehicle manufacturer considered one of the premium Italian companies with vehicles out on the market today. They operate as a subsidiary of Stellantis, which owns other popular vehicle brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, etc. Though Alfa Romeo’s vehicle models are relatively new to the American market compared to other major car brands, they have quickly become adopted and beloved by people all over the U.S. Alfa Romeo is well known for their luxury sport vehicles that can reach top speeds, and with Alfa Romeo’s active participation in Formula One, it’s easy to see why thrill seekers are attracted to these cars.

Unfortunately as is the case with all car brands, there’s no guarantee that every car on the market is in perfect condition like it should be. In fact, certain Alfa Romeo models including the 2017 and 2018 models of the Giulia and the 2018 model of the Stelvio have been recalled. This recall was caused by a fault with the 2.0L engines that these vehicles were equipped with. The fault with these engines had the potential to misfire, which caused the catalytic converter to get too hot and damaged the surrounding components and wiring in the engine.

If you own an Alfa Romeo that has suffered from repeated needs for repairs, you could be driving a lemon. Speak with an experienced lemon law attorney who can help evaluate your situation and get started on the process of filing a lemon law claim.