Chevrolet is a vehicle manufacturing company based in America that is part of a larger manufacturer called General Motors (GM). Chevrolet is more casually referred to by many people as Chevy. Chevrolet automobiles are sold all over the world and are renowned for their accessible car and truck models. Chevrolet’s slogan used to be “Chevy runs deep,” but has recently been altered to “Find new roads.” Chevy’s new slogan caters to the adventurous nature of their cars and their capability of driving on a broad range of road conditions.

Yet, even though Chevrolet has a stellar reputation for creating accessible and reliable vehicles that are capable of offroading, it’s possible that your Chevrolet vehicle may be a lemon under both federal and California law. Even though every state has specific and different lemon laws, if you have experienced numerous safety or usage issues with your Chevrolet vehicle that have required repairs each time, your car will most likely qualify as a lemon in many states.

You should not be put in the position to drive a lemon just because you do not yet know your rights as the owner of a lemon. If you believe you may be driving a lemon, reach out to an experienced lemon law attorney who can help evaluate and build your case.