Kia Corporation, more casually referred to by consumers as Kia, is a South Korean vehicle manufacturing company that develops and sells cars internationally. In fact, Kia is South Korea’s second largest vehicle manufacturing company right after their parent company, Hyundai. Kia reached this major accomplishment after selling almost 2.8 million vehicles back in 2019. Despite the fact that Kia is not an American vehicle manufacturing company, their popularity has grown quickly in the U.S.

Believe it or not, Kia is recognized as the eighth largest vehicle manufacturing company in the United States. Though Kia is known for creating high end vehicles that incorporate new technology in their framework and function, it’s inevitable the Kia releases cars into the market that don’t live up to their high standards as a result of defects or faults.

A few new Kia models have recently qualified as lemons their owners or operators had to take their vehicles into the dealership an unreasonable amount of times for repair attempts. If you believe that your Kia could qualify as a lemon, consider speaking with a lemon law attorney who can help evaluate your situation and decide if you could be legally entitled to a refund or replacement for your Kia vehicle.