Dodge is an automobile manufacturer based in the U. S. as an ancillary of the corporation called Stellantis. In addition to Dodge, Stellantis manufactures and sells vehicles under the brands Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler. Dodge currently manufactures vehicle models that include high performance cars, although for most of their history they were known by many consumers as a mid-priced brand.

Among some of the most unmistakable and iconic vehicles that Dodge has manufactured are their top-selling truck model called the Dodge Ram, muscle and performance cars like the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger in addition to much more functional vehicles for the average vehicle owner like SUVs and vans. Even though Dodge is a widely praised car manufacturing comany, some of their vehicles inevitably qualify as lemons once they are sold or leased.

Among Dodge vehicle models that have been reported as defective lemons are the Charger, Charger, Durango, Ram, Grand Caravan, etc. If you’ve had to take your Dodge car to the dealership for multiple repairs, it’s highly likely that your vehicle could qualify as a lemon. If you suspect that your Dodge car is a lemon, don’t wait to get in contact with an experienced lemon law attorney who can assist with filing a claim and getting you the refund or replacement that you are legally entitled to.