BMW is an internationally recognized manufacturing company founded in Germany that markets themselves as developing “the ultimate driving machine.” The BMW manufacturing company was originally founded in 1916 for the purpose of manufacturing engines for aircrafts. However, now BMW manufactures high performance luxury cars that can reach top speeds that excite both their drivers and passengers.

In fact, BMW has an incredibly significant history with involvement in motorsports, especially when it comes to sports cars and even Formula 1 believe it or not. But, unsurprisingly not all BMW car models are released to the market in perfect condition free from faults or defects. The truth of the matter is that many owners of BMW vehicles have experienced numerous mechanical problems or other unrelated issues with their vehicles. There have been an insurmountable number of lemon law claims involving BMW models, including 335i, 5-7 series, 135i, 535i, X5s and X6s, and even more.

When you experience many repair attempts on your BMW that have resulted in an unsafe or devalued vehicle, it’s essential that you reach out to an experienced lemon law attorney who can look into your situation and help decide if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. No one should be forced to risk their or their passengers safety when they put their trust in their vehicle on the road.