Lexus is a subdivision of the Japanese vehicle manufacturing company called Toyota. Specifically, Lexus manufactures and sells luxury vehicles under their brand name. Lexus vehicle models are marketed internationally and as a brand, Lexus is the largest seller of luxury vehicles in Japan. In fact, when it comes to market value, Lexus is globally ranked in the top 10 largest Japanese vehicle manufacturers. Lexus is most notably recognized as a luxury vehicle brand that develops and sells high performance vehicles that provide an exciting driving experience that is safe.

Even though the Lexus motto is “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection,” some Lexus vehicles sold to or leased by customers do not live up to the high standards that they market. Many owners of Lexus models have experienced issues or defects on a massive scale, having negative consequences for many consumers globally. Unfortunately, just because you pay a premium price tag and expect perfection from such a luxury vehicle and brand doesn’t mean that you’re an exception to driving a lemon.

If you own a Lexus and have had to take your vehicle into your dealership for multiple repairs it’s likely that your vehicle has become unsafe or depreciated in value. You should seriously consider speaking with an experienced lemon law attorney who can help assess your situation and help with steps moving forward.