Chrysler is an automobile manufacturing company founded in the U.S. that is part of the “Big Three” manufacturers in the country. Chrysler is an ancillary of Stellantis North America, which manufactures and sells vehicles under the brands Jeep, Dodge, and Ram in addition to Chrysler. Since Chrysler is such a massive vehicle manufacturing company, it’s easy to see how quality issues could arise when they make vehicles on such a large scale.

Unfortunately for consumers, this means thousands of individuals either lease or purchase a Chrysler that’s defective in some way every year. Some of these people are aware of their protections granted by lemon law in California and they are able to successfully file a claim in order to receive a replacement or refund, but there many vehicle owners who are unfamiliar with these protections. Because they do not comprehensively understand their rights as the owner of a lemon, many people continue to drive Chryslers without realizing that there is a solution out there to their need for numerous repairs.

If you own or lease a Chrysler vehicle that you’ve had to repair multiple times under warranty, don’t miss out on your legal right to file a lemon law claim so you can receive the refund or replacement vehicle that you are entitled to.