Audi is a German automobile manufacturing company that specializes in luxury performance vehicles and is widely recognized for their unmistakable logo with four rings. Audi is an ancillary owned by the Volkswagen Group that was started in Germany. Impressively, Audi owns nine production facilities on an international level. They also have an incredible reputation for manufacturing vehicles that are not only luxury, but are top of the line when it comes to high-performance vehicles. Many people even claim that Audi is the international leader of the market for luxury vehicles.

However, it’s nearly impossible for any manufacturing company to produce perfectly performing vehicles all of the time, and Audi is no exception. The unfortunate truth is that there have been thousands of complaints among Audi vehicle owners in the United States. These reports are for numerous issues and defects with their Audi vehicles. If you own an Audi vehicle, you are not alone if you’ve experienced repeated issues or needs for repair attempts.

If you’ve had continuous problems with your Audi car, give Pacific Coast Lemon Law, Inc. a call so we can provide you with advice regarding your situation and what your next steps should be. It’s possible that your Audi car qualifies as a lemon and you could be legally entitled to a replacement or refund of your vehicle if you win your lemon law claim.