What Makes a Vehicle Eligible for a Lemon Law Claim?

Unfortunately, many consumers who are out there driving their vehicles on the road are not aware that they are driving a lemon. Even further, many people driving faulty vehicles do not know that there are legal protections in place on a federal and state level that protect consumers in the unfortunate case that they purchase a lemon. Driving a lemon can be more dangerous than people realize if the defects you’ve experienced are impacting the safety of your vehicle, but even a vehicle that has usage defects or other faults unrelated to safety can qualify for a lemon law claim. Because lemon laws differ in every state, it’s important for consumers to understand the lemon law process and what qualifies a vehicle as a lemon in your state so that they are aware of their protections.

At Help With Lemons, we specialize in assisting our clients through the whole process of filing a lemon law claim, from evaluating your situation and determining whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon to the conclusion of your claim. If you believe you are driving a lemon or if you are interested in learning more about lemon law claims in California,

What Considerations Qualify My Car as a Lemon?

When we evaluate whether a car is a lemon or not, there are two main considerations that you must make. These considerations are whether your car is still under your original warranty and whether you have had to take your vehicle into your dealer for an unreasonable amount of repairs.

  1. Your Vehicle is Still Under Warranty: When you purchase or lease your vehicle in California, either new or used, your car purchase is accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty that covers specific issues that may arise with your vehicle. The key thing to note here is that the defects or issues that you experience with your vehicle that require repairs must fall under the protections outlined in your original manufacturer’s warranty that was established at the time you bought or leased your vehicle.
  2. You’ve Experienced an Unreasonable Amount of Repairs: In general, your faulty vehicle qualifies as a lemon in California when your manufacturer is unable to repair your vehicle after what’s considered a “reasonable” amount of repairs. Because the word“reasonable” is so general, there is no legal number for how many repairs you must take your vehicle in for. However, the California Lemon Law Presumption provides an outline for what is considered reasonable in individual situations, and this number tends to fall around 4 repairs.

What Issues Are Common to Vehicles that Qualify as Lemons?

When you purchase or lease your vehicle, it’s commonplace for manufacturer’s warranties to last multiple years and cover your car for a large number of miles. While the issues you may experience with your car must be covered under your original manufacturer’s warranty, they must also be considered serious enough to impair the use, safety, or value of your vehicle under lemon law in California. However, there are many common defects that tend to occur with faulty vehicles that end up being classified as lemons that you should keep record of if you experience. Keeping a close eye on these issues that many car owners don’t bat an eye at may help build your lemon law claim. These defects include issues related to:

  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Transmission
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Battery
  • Air Conditioning

If You Believe You Are Driving a Lemon, Speak With an Attorney Today.

At Help With Lemons, we know how stressful and frightening it can be when your vehicle has issues that put you and your passengers’ safety on the line. No one should ever be out in the position to drive a car that they don’t feel confident will keep them safe whenever they get on the road. However, filing a lemon law claim in California and proving your case can be incredibly challenging if you aren’t familiar with the legal requirements and expectations of California lemon law. This is why hiring an skilled attorney is in your best interest, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in the hands of an attorney who can represent your best interest and provide results. If you believe you may be driving a lemon, don’t wait to consult with a lemon law lawyer. If you feel that you are driving a lemon and need assistance from an attorney to file your lemon law claim, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 844-744-0146 or email us at info@helpwithlemons.com for a free consultation.