Tesla is an American vehicle manufacturer specializing in electric models that’s based in Silicon Valley. Unlike many other car manufacturing companies, Tesla also works in manufacturing and selling solar panels. They have a special company mission that reveals their aim to develop a better and healthier world by reducing carbon emissions. Tesla does this through manufacturing modern and cutting edge vehicle designs that mimic a spaceship type feel. Tesla has created the space for the market of luxury, high-end, and high performance vehicles because of the release of their first vehicle. By the year 2018, Tesla’s new Model 3 had become both the best selling luxury car and SUV in the U.S.

With Tesla’s increasing and quick growth and popularity among all kinds of car enthusiasts, they have ingrained an incredible reputation as one of the elite manufacturers internationally. Despite their reputation, not all Teslas released to the market are in the promised condition. In actuality, Tesla recalled almost 140,000 Model X and Model S cars that had multiple failures with their media control units.

The defects caused a loss of function in multiple essential safety features. If you’re the owner of a Tesla that has had to undergo an unreasonable amount of repair attempts, it’s possible that your car is a lemon. You could be legally entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle from Tesla. If you feel this could apply to you, consider speaking with a lemon law attorney who can help with the process of filing a lemon law claim.