Nissan Motor Company, more casually referred to by consumers as Nissan, is a vehicle manufacturing company based in Japan that sells their car models internationally. Nissan manufactures and sells vehicles under an additional car brand that is considered a common household name. This vehicle brand is called Infiniti, which sells luxury high performance vehicles. With the motto, “Innovation that excites.” Nissan markets their unique and exciting take on developing cars. In fact, Nissan recently revitalized one of their best selling SUV models referred to as the Nissan Rogue. Keeping their motto in mind, Nissan’s freshly redesigned Rogue model offers a much more modern and sleek look with innovative technology in the interior.

These new added benefits are all in addition to one of the most promising features: improved driving function. Unfortunately, even though this new model offered exciting features, many consumers have experienced serious growing pains because of continued problems with the model’s continuous variable transmission (CVT). This has not been the only vehicle model Nissan offers that suffers from problems with the CVT. These models include the Nissan Pathfinder, Altima, Versa, Sentra, and even other models sold by Infiniti.

You should never be forced to operate a car that puts your safety at risk, which is why lemon law protects consumers and legally entitles them to a refund or replacement vehicle. If you own a Nissan and believe it could qualify as a lemon, speak with a lemon law attorney who can help evaluate whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon.