Subaru is a vehicle manufacturing company based in Japan that manufactures and sells vehicles as a subdivision of the group known as the Subaru Corporation. Subaru has become increasingly common in the United States among outdoors and sports enthusiasts who need vehicles that can travel across the country, carry heavy loads of bulky equipment, and have off road capabilities. Despite the fact that the U.S. market for Subarus is not nearly as massive as other vehicle competitors, Subaru owners are incredibly dedicated to the brand and their vehicles because of their all-wheel drive, off road abilities, and the affordable sports car look.

Most importantly, Subarus are considered one of the safest cars out there on the market. Subaru even earned the highest safety rating marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2021. Despite the relative safety of these vehicles, not all Subaru models are released to the market in perfect condition. Believe it or not, Subaru has even recalled many of their vehicles because of inflation issues with airbags that were supplied from Takata.

This recall is considered the biggest in vehicle history and has had negative consequences for consumers internationally. If you have had to take your Subaru into the dealership for repeated repairs causing you to question the safety of your vehicle, speak with an experienced lemon law attorney who can help you with your next steps.