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Based in Beverly Hills, California, our team at Pacific Coast Lemon Law, Inc. are established lemon law attorneys that strive to protect the rights of consumers who have purchased or leased defective products. If your vehicle manufacturer has failed to provide you with a reliable product after a reasonable amount of repair attempts, it may be time to explore your Beverly Hills lemon law rights.

Most clients are unaware of their rights as consumers. At Pacific Coast Lemon Law, Inc. we understand California’s lemon law and litigate cases with dedication and seriousness. A growing reputation and skillful negotiation tactics allow our lemon law lawyers to overcome common obstacles faced in lemon law claims and settle for the fair compensation our clients deserve. Call us today and discuss the requirements to proceed with your California lemon law claim.


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Premiere California Lemon Law Attorneys

Lemon law and consumer rights are not very simple, and without a seasoned lemon law attorney by your side, it will be difficult.


What Is The California Lemon Law?

A body of consumer protection laws in the state of California. This legislation was given its nickname because people have come to refer to troublesome vehicles as “lemons”.

Getting A Refund Or A Replacement Car

New or used vehicles sold or leased under a manufacturer’s warranty can be bought back, replaced, or cash settled. The vehicle must meet the lemon law requirements, among them, the vehicle has not been repaired within a reasonable number of repair attempts.

Have You Made Reasonable Attempts At Repair?

The type of defect can affect what “reasonable attempts” means. For example, a brake problem may be considered reasonable with fewer repair attempts than a defect that doesn’t affect the vehicles safety. Another way of providing a reasonable number of repair attempts is looking at the number of days the vehicle has been at the repair facility.

Does Your Car Have Substantial Impairments?

A “substantial impairment” is a problem which is covered by the warranty that impairs the car’s use, value, or safety.

Filing A Lemon Law Claim In Beverly Hills

Our law firm specializes in lemon law, providing consumers with unmatched expertise when dealing with a defective vehicle. We offer clients a transparent, efficient lemon law claim to ensure that they receive fair compensation with minimal inconvenience. Call the lemon law experts at Pacific Coast Lemon Law for a free consultation and discuss your legal rights as a consumer.

Working with a lemon law attorney in Beverly Hills can help you receive a timely resolution for your claim. Our lemon law lawyers assist with filing the necessary paperwork, notifying you of any consumer requirements, manufacturer negotiations, and refund settlements to ensure that your consumer rights are fully met.

California lemon law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, states that if a vehicle is unable to be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts, the consumer is entitled to a replacement or refund (as long as the vehicle is within its warranty timeframe). If a manufacturer is unable to ensure that a vehicle can conform to the original warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts, it may be time to file a lemon law claim.

While complex cases may take longer, our lemon law lawyers can typically come to a final settlement within 90 days. Book your free consultation for detailed information about the lemon law process in Beverly Hills, CA.

The buyback lemon law refers to a car manufacturer repurchasing a defective vehicle from the consumer. Typically, this occurs after the auto manufacturer is unable to bring the vehicle up to warranty standards. Call a lemon law lawyer today and see if your vehicle qualifies for a buyback under California lemon law.