General Motors Truck Company, more formally identified as the GMC Division of General Motors, is a subdivision of the large scale vehicle manufacturing company called General Motors. Because General Motors is such a large manufacturing company, this allows for the subdivision called GMC to focus almost exclusively on developing utility vehicles and trucks. General Motors owns more than just the GMC brand, they manufacture vehicles under the brands Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet as well.

While GMC does manufacture vehicle models that are considered SUVs and vans, they mostly produce pick up trucks and light-duty trucks that cater to a higher end market. Notably, GMC produces many of the fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, and transit busses that we see on the roads today. Because GMC is part of such a large vehicle manufacturing company, it’s inevitable that some of the vehicles they develop end up qualifying as lemons. Unfortunately, many consumers who drive GMCs that are in need of multiple repairs don’t even know that they’re driving a lemon.

If you feel your GMC vehicle may be able to qualify as a lemon and you want to learn more about your rights as a consumer, consider reaching out to a lemon law attorney who can help you understand your unique situation.