Documents that you need for your Lemon Law claim

One of the most critical steps in filing a California lemon law claim is preparing the necessary documents. There are three types of documents you should prepare:

Repair Orders and Repair Bills from the Seller of your Vehicle

These repair documents are a bit similar, but both are required. Every time you drop off your vehicle with the seller to have it repaired, they will give you a repair order document. This document describes your car, the problems that need to be fixed, and the current mileage for that vehicle. This document will serve as proof of all of the issues that your vehicle has and that you have attempted to fix. Therefore, it is imperative to describe in detail all the problems that you have noticed with your car so that it is included in the repair order.

The repair invoice is a document printed when you pick up your vehicle after you have attempted to repair it. This document lists everything the seller of vehicles did to try to fix the defect or failure. You need to save all your repair orders and repair bills so that you have enough evidence to cover your lemon law claim.

Official Vehicle Sales Documentation

You will receive a sales contract when you first buy or rent your vehicle. This contract has critical information about the cost of your car, the date it was purchased, refunds, and trade-in information. This document is very important as the information included in this contract directly impacts the amount of money you may receive as a refund for your defective vehicle.

Warranty Information

Generally, the warranty information is given in the form of a brochure by the manufacturer. This document is essential as it describes all the warranties that cover your vehicle. This brochure helps show that the manufacturer’s warranty covered the repairs your vehicle needed.

At Help With Lemons, we are experienced in helping our clients prepare the proper documents to file a lemon law claim.